• Heather stepped in to provide an interim leadership role in our marketing and communications area nationally for several months. She was an absolute lifesaver! Not only did we benefit from her bigger picture objective observations, based on significant experience in a variety of settings, she was able to take charge and keep day-to-day functions moving effectively despite being new to the organization and team. Thank you, Heather!

    Stephanie Willson Chief Client Relations & Marketing Officer, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

  • “There are not many people in today’s hectic business world that still take time to handwrite a Season’s Greetings card. There are not many people in today’s competitive marketplace that will take time to help a colleague with a question or problem. There are not many people that take time to regularly write, publish and share their industry insight and expertise for others to benefit. There are not many people that law firm leaders can drop inside a firm, and let them hit the ground running because they understand the business and practice of law. There are not many people who really understand and respect the personalities and nuances that make law firms so unique.”

    “Heather Suttie does – with remarkable ease and experience.”

    Laurie Hause Chief Information Officer and Director of Marketing, McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP; Former Director of Technology & Marketing, Siskinds LLP

  • “Pink Larkin engaged Heather to work with us to rebrand our firm. This included a new website and social media platforms, creating our digital advertising campaign, and contributing business development tactics. Since then, we’ve worked with Heather to build an ancillary website and various pieces of marketing collateral. She understands our needs as well as those of our clients and is a consummate professional along with being creative, smart, sensible and fun to work with. We continue to work with Heather and highly value her ongoing guidance as we grow Pink Larkin.”

    Gail L. Gatchalian and Ronald E. Pizzo Partners, Pink Larkin

  • “Heather has been retained for a number of key projects over the years. The most influential was the management of a high-profile advertising campaign in Canada, the United States, and South America to build brand awareness for Norton Rose’s entrance to these markets through mergers with Ogilvy Renault and Macleod Dixon. Prominent billboards at key airports, digital displays and signage at major arenas, elevator and digital media wall ads in select office towers, and print and online vehicles underscored the dramatic market-changing effect on the legal business and helped propel Norton Rose to become one of the largest global legal practices and one of the top legal brands in Canada.”

    “Previous to the mergers, Heather was retained to manage the complete overhaul of the Ogilvy Renault website and student micro site. The primary site was named Best Law Firm Website in Canada by National magazine, the official periodical of the Canadian Bar Association. Heather managed both projects extremely well. She was also retained to create our modular proposal templates, pitch strategies and collaterals. She worked on numerous client pitches and RFPs, development of ads, internal newsletter and annual reports. Heather possesses excellent business development and marketing skills and is a delight to work with. Lawyers and marketing professionals enjoy working with her.”

    Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Team Player, Creative

    Lise Monette Vice-President, Marketing, Communications and Business Development, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton; Former Chief Client Officer, Bennett Jones LLP; Global Head, Client Programs and Chief Marketing Officer, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP; Chief Marketing Officer, Ogilvy Renault LLP

  • “Heather can be relied upon to provide creative, yet practical solutions to the business of law.”

    J. William Rowley QC International Arbitrator, 20 Essex Street Chambers in London, England and Arbitration Place in Toronto, Canada; Chairman Emeritus & Special Counsel, McMillan LLP

  • “When I launched my solo estate litigation practice. Heather was my first call. She helped me develop a firm brand and a marketing plan. In just a few months, the value of this planning has become obvious. Heather’s insight into the business of law is indispensable for launching a new firm in a competitive market.”

    Benjamin Arkin Lawyer at Arkin Estate Law‬

  • “We have been working with Heather on a number of marketing and business development initiatives over the years. She has played a critical role as project-manager of our new website, has helped us be short-listed for Canadian Lawyer’s survey of Ontario’s Top 10 firms, created our advertising campaign, conducted a client analysis of our Top 100 corporate clients to determine the firm’s corporate strengths by industry, and now we’re forging a business development program for our newly formed industry teams.”

    “Heather brings a unique combination of marketing and business development by focusing exclusively on the legal profession and the challenges of private practice. Having honed this specialty for many years, she is able to provide keen insight, real-world experience, and sensible pragmatism to help craft customized solutions tailored to our needs as both a firm and as individuals. Heather’s skills, along with her ability to listen carefully to lawyers and ask thought-provoking questions, combined with approachability, fairness and an engaging disposition, makes her a valuable contributor to our business.”

    Ian S. Scarlett Managing Partner, Loopstra Nixon LLP

  • “Heather was retained by Siskinds for two projects: a successful business development training pilot program for junior associates; and, the reorganization and drafting of all our primary website content, including practice descriptions for our recent site redesign. Heather’s insight and experience allowed her to easily recognize and adapt her approach to meet the business objectives for each project as well as the marketing and business development needs that fit our Firm’s culture. Heather is simply delightful and a pleasure to work with.”

    Laurie Hause Chief Information Officer and Director of Marketing, McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP; Former Director of Technology & Marketing, Siskinds LLP

  • I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Heather on the development and launch of our new Ogilvy Renault website. She is a logical thinker, yet still very creative; a diplomatic negotiater; strong listener; great writer; and truly invests in all projects she undertakes. She is a pleasure to work with and brings energy and enthusiasm to any room she walks into.

    Lisa Azzuolo Chief Marketing Officer, Bennett Jones SLP; Former National Director of Marketing, Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP (formerly Ogilvy Renault LLP)

  • “Heather helped with clarifying our value proposition, with the redevelopment of our website, and with preparations for meetings with potential clients. Heather’s enthusiastic and friendly manner makes her a pleasure to work with. Her keen understanding of the market we are targeting and the environment in which we work was very valuable.”

    Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

    Miriam Paton Co-founder and Principal, Integral IP

  • “LexisNexis was fortunate to be able to commission Heather to write expert Marketing and Business Development content for our new online product Lexis Practice Advisor, Canada. An innovative workflow tool, Lexis Practice Advisor provides not only substantive legal know-how, but also offers guidance on the business of law. Heather drew on her years of experience, providing real practical insight on how small law firms can build their book of business and increase revenues. Heather’s content is an essential part of what makes the Skills Centre in Lexis Practice Advisor so useful.”

    Danann Hawes Director, Content Development and Acquisitions, LexisNexis Canada Inc.