Legal Marketing Now

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Legal Marketing Now

Helping people is the greatest act of legal marketing you will ever do.

People need to know that they matter, now and always.

And offering to help people is what marketing is.

Connect Now

Do whatever it takes right now to connect with clients, prospects, referral sources, colleagues, family and friends.

Ask how they and their loved ones are doing, and how you can help.

Don’t wait or overthink. Even though lawyers either by nature or training have a tendency to be restrained and consider every possibility, don’t hesitate or mull.

Now is when.

Just do it.

And remain in consistent contact.

Connect again in a week, and again in a month, and again in two months, and for however long it takes us to get through this troubling time.

And then keep connecting with people on a regular basis even if you have to schedule it. By the time this crisis has passed – and it will – you will have developed a habit of and reputation for connecting with others to offer a helping hand.

This is what connection is.

Community Connection

There is enormous value in being a community connector.

Connecting with others to offer services you provide may be helpful depending on what your services are. If so, offer solutions that work in the current environment. Act fast, with assurance, remain flexible and be prepared to pivot.

Beyond that is your open offer to help people connect with others. This extends to helping people connect to whomever can provide whatever type of assistance is needed right now, and in the days and months to come.

There will be people in your personal and professional networks who will be able and eager to help. Find them, ask them to help and make the connection.

This is what community is.

Change Conditions

Everyone will be impacted differently by what we’re facing now. Once this crisis has tailed off and when it mercifully come to an end, life as we know it – and our lives as we’ve lived them – will be altered.

There will be shifts of all kinds – some minor, others colossal – that will impact people we know, both personally and professionally.

Some of these conditions will be beneficial and provide opportunities for new growth.

This is what change is.

Business is Mean 

Be there when business fears or failures happen. Better yet, try to anticipate worry or a downfall so that you can provide comfort or soften a landing.

Show your human side: personality, quirks, concerns and humour.

Honour your competitors. Competition helps make your market performance either different or better, and both are valuable traits.

Now is not the time to compete in an exclusionary manner. Instead, it is better to support and work in conjunction with competitors toward a greater good. And it is be even more beneficial if each participating competitor plays to their unique strengths.

This is what brand is.

Make it Personal

We have lost and will continue to lose people to this global pandemic. And survivors may be changed and challenged.

We will know some of these people personally and the ripple effect for all around them will be extensive.

While lending a sanitized hand, empathetic ear or supportive smile may or may not result in business happening today, offering to help people now and in the days, weeks, months and years to come will be the most important marketing you ever do.

Because helping others is the greatest act of service, care and compassion.

And that is what humanity is.


For help right now: Thanks to community connector, Caitlin “Cat” Moon, the newly-hatched Make Law Better provides a growing list of legal industry forward-thinkers willing to aid leaders in law who are facing challenges as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds.


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