Differentiating Perspectives

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Differentiating Perspectives

Provoking thought by offering an opinion is a rarely found element of many law firms’ online collateral, whether they are articles, newsletters, blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn blurbs, and the like. But when included, a differentiating perspective can provide a helpful jumping-off point to spark readers to consider their own points of view and circumstances and, if need be and appropriate, cause them to do something about it.

Having an opinion – which doesn’t mean providing specific guidance on a particular legal issue – but instead, sharing a view or taking a stance is sorely missing. This is probably why those who speak with an authentic voice when sharing their perspectives and expressing thoughts are in the minority.

These are the voices of the different breeds. In many instances, these are voices worth listening to because they provoke a reaction to their opinions that, at the very least, might ignite a reader’s imagination and give them pause to reflect and perhaps, react.

Thinking about or reacting to a point of view can be the catalyst that results in someone either taking next steps or no steps, which is why provoking someone to think – whether they agree with an opinion or not – is exactly the point.

The way I see it, differentiating perspectives and more points of view are always preferable to inertia and sameness.

But that’s just my opinion.


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