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Market Positioning

Market Positioning is core to your business success. 

Strategic Market Positioning is the critical component to a profitable enterprise.

My greatest strength is helping law firms and legal service businesses to position in key markets where they are one of one and extraordinarily successful as a result.

Market Positioning enables a one of one distinction that heightens recognition, leads to a well-defined brand, cements an authoritative value proposition, and minimizes or completely eliminates competition.

The result is a solid and distinctive Market Position that acts as a beacon for clients seeking particular expertise in the legal services ecosystem.

Market Positioning Experience

Market Positioning is at the core of everything you do as a business. It is also foundational to everything we do together to further develop and grow your business to be more successful and sustainable.

Working alongside legal entities of all kinds — firms, companies, practices, teams and individuals — to position them smartly in differentiating markets that are key to strengths and temperaments sits at the heart of my practice. And also having repositioned struggling divisions of companies that are now vibrant and remain solvent to this day is testimony to my business savviness.

Approach and Considerations

Precise positioning requires examining a legal service provider’s offerings from a business and client perspective rather than from a practice viewpoint. Understanding which industries, services, jurisdictions, and key clients are financially strong now and are expected to remain profitable for the next 10 years or more will define a market position on which to build brand strength and future growth.

Reinforcing the core business through a tightly-focused go-to-market strategy enables deeper target market penetration, supportive and sensible marketing expenditures, aids in attracting the “right” lateral transfers, smooths and speeds the hiring process, and enables graceful succession.

Market positioning is foundational to setting the business’s direction and enables greater ease when implementing:

Market positioning and strategy development go hand-in-glove. I have assisted mature firms to restructure their market position to expand reach, and attract new clientele and lateral talent. The result has been a rapid increase in quality work that sits squarely in the centre of their new wheelhouse along with markedly increased revenue.

Struggling firms have been reset in new target markets while fledgling firms, companies and individual lawyers have been positioned in markets that align with strengths and strategic growth plans. Firms that struggled have experienced turnarounds while young enterprises have thrived in terms of practice, client rosters, and in some cases, venture capital investment.

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