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Reputation Management

Reputation Management bolsters your business in good times and bad.

Reputational threat and business-at-risk response requires quick minds, clear thinking, and concise messaging. Better yet, risk and potential damage can be avoided with advance planning and regular management.

Reputation Management is a key component of management strategy as well as brand development. A consistent brand that is carefully managed provides a bulwark against reputation risk and the potential for damage.

Planning for a reputation threat is smart business, and I can help you create a response plan and workflow. When a threat becomes a crisis, a response plan and workflow designates who does what. Knowing who will handle operational functions as well as your reputation messaging are assets during times of duress.

If or when a crisis hits, be assured that I will help you respond with speed and surety.

Reputation Management Experience  

Reputation Management is the equivalent of putting a fire out first and dealing with smoke second, and it has two key features: cool-headed management and crisis communications.

I have 35 years of experience in these disciplines. Much is due to my journalism background, media management and training expertise, as well as hands-on crisis management.

Results Earned and Lessons Learned

I have handled numerous corporate-related threats and crises, including Y2K that was planned and didn’t happen, as well as those that did, such as a failed high-profile merger; hostile labour occupation of a bankrupt business impacting an entire small town and a Big Five Canadian bank; a high-profile, multi-party coroner’s inquest; 9/11; an Anthrax threat; and, COVID-19 repercussions.

Much of my reputation response experience was honed during 14 years of broadcast news management when being right was more important than being first. This was when success was measured by remaining strategic yet tactical, and steady and decisive while managing multiple crews and resources during breaking news events, many of which often had a disaster component.

My calm disposition and quick mind has led to a reputation for keeping my head when others are losing theirs.

Those same skills and demeanour enable the creation of plans, and training of individuals and teams who are responsible for reputation management and crisis response as critical components for protection of the business.

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