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Change Management

Change Management transforms “the way we’ve always done it” to “the way we do it now.”

Change Management is best executed with full transparency and by degrees.

Meticulously planned and well socialized, successful Change Management requires input, especially from naysayers, from the very start. Doing otherwise is a sure-fire route to failure.

Change Management requires a plan with built-in flexibly and input from key players, plus stamina and grit. A sense of humour and infinite patience also helps.

Having guided Change Management in many circumstances within the legal industry as well as in corporate environments, I am well-versed in setting objectives, strategy, tactics and providing interim management for initiating and executing successful transformative and enduring Change Management.

I have found that enabling change based on hard data and exact timing with short-term goals, mid-term milestones and long-term objectives, and inviting open communication while socializing changes before they happen, during the process, upon completion, and into the maintenance stage is critical to success.

The outcome of successful Change Management is threefold and has been the result of every Change Management mandate I have handled:

  1. It sets the enterprise on a path for proven success with achievement of evidentiary milestones.
  2. It evangelizes even those people who had been the most resistant .
  3. Change outcomes become embedded business-wide as the “way we do it now.”

Change and Change Management can be daunting and very difficult, and almost no one enjoys the process. But I do.

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