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Strategy Development

Transformational growth hinges on strategy

Strategy Development supports your objective — To win.

Strategy Development has four different parts: objective, strategy, development, and planning.

  1. Objectives are defined and measurable goals that enable winning a chosen market, field, client, or role.
  2. Strategy is a set of near-term, yet visionary choices that position you to win your objectives.
  3. Development enables your strategy to accommodate improvements during the process.
  4. Planning is a set of actions and behaviours that must happen within a specific time period to support your strategy and realize your objectives.

So, objectives are where you want to be. Strategy is about how you will get there. Planning is about what to do to make it happen. Development bridges strategy and planning, and enables flexibility to successfully meet your objectives.

This is why “strategic planning” is an oxymoron that is predisposed to failure because it focuses on only two of the four factors that enable you to win.

Strategy Development pertains to firms, practice groups, industry teams, and individuals, as well as succession plans. Tactically, it may include developing differentiating traits, market position, customized marketing plans at all levels, and messages for key target audiences.

Transformational growth and market distinctiveness is crystallized when objectives are supported by strategy along with tactics that are clear, measurable, and time-bound.

Strategy Expertise and Experience

Strategy Development is my strength. As a result, numerous law firms and legal service providers have been guided to transformational success and two corporate turnarounds remain thriving to this day.

By engaging with me, you are selecting a partner with recognized legal industry transformation expertise and business leadership acumen that results in exponential growth.

My proven combination of deep industry experience and business savviness has ignited growth and propelled transformations for law firms, legal service companies, practices, teams, and individuals. The result are high and positive brand recognition, clearly defined market position, and measurable success.

I am uniquely qualified to advise on issues pertaining to organizational structure and governance. This is due to my expertise working alongside and helping to guide traditionally-structured law firms, non-traditionally structured law practices, legal service companies offering productized services, and Big Four law.

My successful strategy development approach is predicated on markets, data and money. While my process is not a mystery, it requires the complete spectrum of mature managerial and entrepreneurial skills that include: experience, clarity, diplomacy, grit, political astuteness, collaboration, adaptability, creativity, communication, sensitivity — and the full understanding of how lawyers, law firms, and legal service companies work.

Strategy development is different for every firm, company, practice, team, or individual because each is as unique as a fingerprint. Whether you are starting anew or need a tune-up, my role is to help you achieve strategic transformational growth that meets — or better yet — exceeds your objectives.

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