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Restructuring & Turnarounds

A critical undertaking when facing challenges or potential ruin.

Restructuring and turnarounds require astute planning and fearless execution.

Restructuring and turnarounds demand proven business acumen and deep management experience along with a calm demeanour as well as flexibility, determination, and grit. 

I consult on restructuring and turnarounds based on solid and successful business management expertise and experience.

To date, restructurings and turnarounds have been conducted for numerous law firms, practice groups, industry teams, and client service departments. Some, but certainly not all, of these mandates were handled as part of an interim management engagement.

Prior to legal, I led two major business turnarounds — one private; the other public, federally-regulated and unionized — that had struggled for nine and 19-years respectively. Both were repositioned by fixating on the core business, eliminating the ancillary, maximizing profit margins, enabling change based on hard data and exact timing with short-term goals, mid-term milestones and long-term objectives, and keeping intact a team that embraced the vision.

The private company’s budget was trimmed 62.5 per cent while its distribution increased 714.71 per cent. The public company’s reallocated budget remained flat, staff doubled, and distribution increased 170.02 per cent.

These turnarounds took six and 19-months respectively, and remain successful and solvent to this day.

Now I work with law firm leaders and legal service professionals who want those same results.

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Heather Suttie 

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