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Representative Work

Much of my work is protected by client confidentiality. However, mandates noted below provide a sense of my expertise and experience.

  • Market strategy and creation of a new partner business development program for a global law firm.
  • Business strategy and market strategy to position a boutique law firm in the European market.
  • Business advisory pertaining to practice, industry and leadership restructuring for a national Canadian law firm.
  • Founder repositioning as part of succession plans for a boutique regional law firm.
  • Business strategy and market positioning for a legal service provider start-up serving Canada and the United States.
  • Market positioning for a regional Canadian legal service provider start-up.
  • Market strategy and repositioning of a regional Canadian law firm to spur revenue growth and geographic reach. Initiatives include new and expanded practices, rebranding, website and social media vehicles, multi-year advertising campaigns, practice plans, business development coaching, launch of Canada’s first full-time pro bono practice to support access to justice (A2J), creation of a litigation referral network that began yielding new client work within two days, and regional expansion.
  • Creation and execution of a first-ever, multi-year Canadian national advertising campaign to build brand awareness for a Big Four professional service firm. Survey results show the firm moved one position and, in some cases, two positions ahead of its competition. The campaign continues to this day.
  • Strategy and execution of two high profile, multi-year advertising campaigns in Canada, the United States, and South America to build brand awareness for an international law firm entering North and South American markets by merging with a national Canadian law firm and a regional Canadian law firm. The result is one of the five largest global legal practices with the #1 law firm brand in Canada.
  • Guiding three law firm mergers in three years – an International and a national Canadian firm; an International and a regional Canadian firm; and, two regional Canadian firms.
  • Assisting organic expansion and growth of a Canadian intellectual property law firm by doubling the number of office locations, creating an unique industry team, and increasing market profile in the United States, Europe and Asia.
  • Develop competitive intelligence processes to focus on current key legal clients by industry classification and geographic markets resulting in cross-selling programs and new business-winning strategies.
  • Develop and implement prospective client and legal business development strategies resulting in new clients, increased revenue and higher profile in targeted industry and geographic markets.
  • Develop law firm’s and legal service provider’s unique selling propositions and brands resulting in ground-breaking campaigns and initiatives that heighten market profile.
  • Law firm rebranding using client-targeted ad campaigns, marketing collateral, and events as well as leveraging firm and practice area-supporting sponsorships, website presence, and media relations.
  • Overhaul deals databases for two prominent national law firms, and advise on steps for future database build-outs along with staffing components.
  • Provide business development and market strategy for established and fledging law firms and legal service companies.
  • Conduct business development coaching for senior lawyers and teams making a strategic career transition to new markets, services or practices.