Marketing and Business Development for Women Lawyers

Develop a do-able business development action plan. Designed as a Law Society of Ontario CPD-accredited presentation for women lawyers at University of Toronto, Faculty of Law,  it works as well for men and is accompanied by 12 Questions – A Personal Checklist for Business Development.

Law Firm Websites – Search Engine Optimization

A presentation to The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) on maximizing website search engine optimization (SEO.) Topics cover strategies and tactics that result in organic high rankings at no cost, such as intuitive navigation, writing for the Internet, cross-linking, and how to use rich content and tools to generate repeat website visits.

Self-Marketing for Lawyers: Bios Mean Business

A presentation to The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) on Bio Construction and Personalized Marketing that are key to winning new business. The accompanying article can be found here.

Keeping Clients First

A presentation to the Toronto Intellectual Property Group (TIPG) on attracting clients, why clients leave, and how to develop business through current clients.

Branding Means Better Business

My podcast with Sam Gaylord of The Law Practice Doctor covers branding – how daring to be different and one-of-one makes for better business. Summary notes and the podcast is here: