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Media Profile

A selection of media featuring me. 


Two Midsize Toronto Business Law Firms Combine in Latest Merger in Canada — ALM — June 7, 2023

The combination creates a new entrant among Toronto’s 100-plus lawyer law firms, and is the latest in a string of mergers involving regional and midsized firms across the country over the last year.

The full story is here on It includes my commentary on expectations for more mergers due to the rebalancing of the global legal market.

Post-COVID Rebrand Reflects Regional Canadian Firm’s Commitment to Clients’ Growth, Internal Pride — ALM — October 4, 2022

Profiling a rebrand spurred in part by the pandemic, and a desire to foster a sense of connection and employee pride.

The full story is here on It includes my advice on circumstances when a rebrand is warranted.

How Law Firms Can Stay Competitive — Canadian Lawyer — July 23, 2021

The world of in-person meetings is coming back, but law firm economics have changed irreconcilably.

The full story is here on the Canadian Lawyer website. My comments are here.

Legal Tech to the Rescue — CBA National Magazine — March 1, 2021

The legal industry has shown it can adapt to disruption. But it has further to go in partnering with alternative service providers.

The full story is here on the Canadian Bar Association’s website. My comments are here.

Wooing Clients — The Globe and Mail — October 23, 2020

From surf lessons to virtual chocolate making, law firms get creative to woo clients.

The full story, available to subscribers, is here on The Globe and Mail’s website. My comments are here.

Driving Innovation — Lexpert April 2019

Technology aimed at lawyers continues to change the way law is practised as those with deep subject-matter expertise recognize there’s a better way to service clients.

The full story is here. A PDF is downloadable here.

Clients want lawyers to stop ignoring emails and phone calls — Law Times — October 22, 2019

Canadian legal technology company Clio found the majority of lawyers neglect their emails, and most wait more than 72 hours or more to reply to voice mails.

The full story is here. A PDF is downloadable here.

The Long Game — Lexpert — September 2017

Accounting firms in Canada have thus far been unable to break into high-end business law, but patience may yet bear fruit as they continue to build capacity in legal services.

The full story is here. A PDF is downloadable here.

What Your Clients Think of You — CBA National Magazine — December 6, 2016

The most successful lawyers seek client feedback, listen to and invest actively in their target markets, develop a go-to reputation for solving problems, and consistently exceed client expectations.

The full story is here. A PDF is downloadable here.

Building Trusted Client Partnerships: A Checklist — Canadian Bar Association’s Practice Link — January 2010

Proven ways to earn a reputation as a trusted advisor.

A downloadable PDF is here.

Law I.Q. — CBA National Magazine — July 2009

Mining client data through competitive intelligence grows business.

A downloadable PDF is here.

Marketing Need Not be an Expensive Endeavour — Law Times — November 2007

Straight talk on tip sheets, bios, and sales.

A downloadable PDF is here.

Selling Law as a Commodity — Law Times — November 2007

Professional sector feeling squeeze to cut costs.

A downloadable PDF is here.

Going Solo — Canadian Lawyer 4 Students — April 2007

Establishing a new client base for sole practitioners.

A downloadable PDF is here.


Succession: Transition Strategies for Lawyers, Law Firms, and Clients — April 2024

As a critical element of a comprehensive business strategy, smooth and seamless succession requires forethought, planning, and client input. My chapter on this topic is contained in Talent in the Legal Profession: How to Attract, Retain and Engage Top Talent published by Globe Law and Business.

Ditch The Billable Hour! — March 2024

Shaun Jardine, solicitor, former law firm CEO and now, author, has hatched Ditch The Billable Hour! Implementing Value-Based Pricing in a Law Firm.

Shaun explains why lawyers and law firms need to shift from time-based billing to value-based pricing (VBP), and provides a wealth of deep yet entertaining insights and tools on how to do it.

My advice that lawyers need to “be a farmer, not a hunter” to nurture relationships and convert targeted prospects into clients is included within Shaun’s book.

25 Secrets to Success with Alternative Fee Arrangements — October 2015

This book discusses the innovations around fees that are reshaping the legal industry, and will help you navigate through various types of alternative fee arrangements with topics including, strategic pricing, how pricing impacts procurementintersects with business development, and more.

Contact the publisher, Legal Trek, to request a copy.

Between Mediocrity and Success: A Lawyer’s Guide — March 2015

This book discusses the best ways to grow a legal practice by being more profitable, agile, efficient, technologically savvy, and client-oriented. Topics include, business development, project management, pricing, marketingclient relationshipscompetitive differentiation, and more.

Contact the publisher, Legal Trek, to request a copy.


Future-Proofing Your Marketing Function — May 9, 2024

Discussion will revolve around global trends within professional services and how they relate to the Canadian market, as well as people-centric topics, such as up-skilling, nurturing the talent pipeline, and ensuring resilience in the marketing function.

Future-Proofing Your Marketing Function is presented by PM Forum.

Innovative Strategies for Family Law Business and Practice Management — May 1, 2024

Aligning people, processes, and technology is key to running a successful family law practice as is agility and selection of AI software to enable better efficiency for lawyers and clients.

Family Law is produced by The Legal Innovation Forum.

Innovative Strategies for Personal Injury Business and Practice Management — April 24, 2024

Personal injury firms often need to evolve their business strategies and consider diversifying their market offerings.

Personal Injury is produced by The Legal Innovation Forum.

Succession Planning in Law Firms — January 25, 2024

Strategies for transitioning clients to new lawyers, managing client and lawyer expectations, and maintaining service standards and law firm values.

Success Planning is produced by the Legal Marketing Association.

How Estates Law Firms Are Evolving Their Business Strategies in a Competitive Marketplace — June 14, 2023

Estates lawyers are managing growth for their clients and themselves.

Estates Law is produced by The Legal Innovation Forum.

Innovation in Family Law Firms — October 18, 2022

Growth strategies pertaining to building a team through recruitment, training, and retention; levering technology solutions that works for both clients’ and law firm’s needs; and financial innovation to support the practice.

Innovation in Family Law Firms is produced by Canadian Legal Innovation Forum.

Mastering Transformation — October 12, 2022

How law firms and legal departments are transforming in response to changing market conditions.

Mastering Transformation is produced by Canadian Legal Innovation Forum.

Collaboration is the New Innovation — June 15, 2022

How legal practitioners are enhancing collaboration processes to deliver results. 

Collaboration is the New Innovation is produced by Canadian Legal Innovation Forum.

How Personal Injury Law Firms are Evolving in a Complex Operating Environment — April 12, 2022

Forward-thinking personal injury law firms are innovating through people, processes and technology as well as finance.

How Personal Injury Law Firms are Evolving in a Complex Operating Environment is produced by Canadian Legal Innovation Forum.

Modern Approaches to Networking — April 21, 2022

Learn how to network effectively while working remotely, add value to your interactions, and remain visible when digital.

Modern Approaches to Networking: Developing and Leveraging Relationships to Bolster Your Career is part of the Canadian Bar Association’s Solutions Series. A recording is here for program attendees only, who will need to login to access it.

Digital Legal Marketing — March 8, 2022

Legal marketing via websites and social media has never been more critical than in the last couple of years, and will grow in importance over time. 

Digital Legal Marketing: Websites and Social Media is produced by the Canadian Bar Association.

Creating a Law Practice Micro Niche — December 7, 2021

Niche and micro-niche practices are differentiators that enable one-of-one positioning in the legal market. 

Creating a Micro-Niche for Your Law Practice and Services is produced by the Canadian Bar Association.

The Solo/Small Advantage — June 10, 2021

Where Do We Go From Here? Thriving Within a Rapidly Changing Legal Market.

The 15th Solo and Small Firm Conference live webcast is hosted by the Law Society of Ontario.

Where Do We Go From Here — April 21, 2021

Response to the global pandemic has proven false the notion that change is difficult and slow. When push comes to shove, change happens easily and fast.

Where Do We Go From Here: Thriving in a Post-Pandemic Legal Market is hosted by the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section of the Canadian Bar Association of British Columbia.

Legal Markets and Marketing — September 26 and July 17, 2020

Legal markets, marketing and business development for lawyers as well as positioning for success in a fast-changing environment.

What Next? Legal Markets and Marketing – Now and Future is hosted by the Canadian Bar Association.

Thriving in the Legal Market Now — April 7, 2020

An overview of thriving in the legal marketing during and after the pandemic, including brand, niche and budgets.

The full video is here. Thriving in the Legal Market Now is produced by Lawtrepreneur.

How to Make Money in a Changing and Challenging Legal World — June 24, 2014

A wide-ranging international overview of the tradition and non-traditional legal services sector during challenging times of change.

How to Make Money in a Changing and Challenging Legal World is part of the Insight speakers series presented by LexisNexis Canada.


Chasing Better Conversations — March 10, 2024

Mastering the art of conversation nurtures client relationships.

A sprawling conversation ranging from heartfelt to a romp that doesn’t begin to describe my colourful chat with Eric Fletcher on his Chasing Better Conversations podcast. 

Changing Go-to-Market Strategy — July 3, 2020

Market strategies for law firms and legal professionals during the current pandemic as well as the fast-changing future.

The Legal Innovation Talks Podcast. The podcast, is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Market Distinction Makes for Better Business — December 13, 2015

The Law Practice Doctor with Sam Gaylord covers how daring to be distinctly different and one-of-one rather than one-of-many makes for better business.