A marketing audit examines your current legal marketing and business development objectives, strategy and tactics to maximize investment.

A marketing audit — or needs assessment — examines your current legal marketing and business development program, and provides recommendations and action items on how budgets and teams can be best structured to support revenue-driving initiatives.

In an increasingly competitive legal marketplace, the skills, talents and day-to-day functions of a firm or service provider’s marketing and business development team must continually balance between the firm’s external and internal stakeholders – namely the firm’s clients and their markets along with the firm’s lawyers, internal politics and structures.

Having led legal marketing and business development teams and providing top-level interim management enables me to offer recommendations pertaining to sustainable structures, key positions, work flows, outsourcing and critical areas of focus for teams as well as developing a go-to-market strategy for a firm or service provider.

A marketing audit can also be part of a client analysis that analyzes trends within your current client base, such as industry and client type. This helps to forecast how marketing and business development budgets and resources should be expended along with realizing significant savings in terms of “found money” due to curtailing arbitrary expenditures.

Ancillary services may include: