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Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day honours those who served and continue to serve our country during war, conflict and peace.

Perhaps, in addition to remembering their sacrifice, we should consider The Golden Rule.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is foundational to respect and reciprocity.

Respect has little to do with agreement. You can disagree with someone yet respect them and their point of view. Reciprocity speaks to equality and goodwill between oneself and others.

On November 11, when we reflect upon our past, consider the present, and look to the future, perhaps we can consider these 11 very human and humane traits, and adopt some of them into our thoughts and interactions with clients, colleagues, and those with whom we connect daily.

  1. Listen: Use two ears and one mouth proportionally.
  2. Question: Inquiry enables certainty about issues, needs, and expectations.
  3. Communicate: Regular two-way communication manages expectations and instills confidence.
  4. Clarity: Clarity trumps persuasion, invites contributions, and creates value.
  5. Inclusion: Inviting and acknowledging contributions amplifies outcomes.
  6. Kindness: Graciousness shows all parties in their best light.
  7. Discretion: Poise and confidentiality are paramount to earning and keeping trust.
  8. Generosity: Offering something for nothing has its own rewards.
  9. Equality: Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.
  10. Fairness: Consider the perspectives of all parties without bias.
  11. Patience: Learning to be still is nurtured over time.

This post is a revision of 2014’s “Remembrance and The Golden Rule.” With ongoing conflict in the world, this year’s Remembrance Day carries renewed significance of its promises: “We Will Remember Them” and “Never Again.”

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