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Recreating the Legal Ecosystem

This is the year when legal service providers with moxie will take huge steps to advance their market position by investing in clients and themselves. Those who are timid will sit on their hands and lose ground to the competition.

Legal Market Positioning is Key to Building Back Strong

While the pandemic’s first year slammed the world for the worst, it upended the legal services market for the better.

Legal Tech to the Rescue: CBA National Magazine

The legal industry has shown it can adapt to disruption. But it has further to go in partnering with alternative service providers.

Being Superhuman

How character, trust and faith win hearts, minds and legal market share.

Our Future is Forward

As we look forward to 2021, my top 10 think pieces from 2020.

Positioning in the Legal Market Now

A customized combination of four key components enables a firm, company or individual to position as one of one rather than one of many.

Wooing Clients: From The Globe and Mail

From surf lessons to virtual chocolate making, law firms get creative to woo clients.

Delivering Value Matters More Now

How ‘surprise and delight’ boosts your brand and bottom line.

Legal Markets and Marketing – Coffee Chats

What Next? Legal Markets and Marketing – Now and Future.

Changing Go-to-Market Strategy: Podcast

It’s my great pleasure to join Steven Pulver for a lively, honest and fully transparent* conversation on The Legal Innovation Talks Podcast.

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