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Mastering Transformation: Webinar

Law firms and legal departments are mastering transformation in response to changing market conditions. Transformations pertain to services provided, organizational structure, and operating more cost-efficiently.

Collaboration is the New Innovation: Webinar

The drive for legal practitioners to have an effective collaboration strategy in place is key to maintaining an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 1 – Valuing Time

In Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 1 – Valuing Time, I discuss time versus compensation, cost to re-staff, and why throwing money at a problem never works long term.

Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 2 – Valuing People

In Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 2 – Valuing People, I examine burnout, outsourcing, succession planning, and how rebalancing work production between internal and external experts is a future-proof market strategy.

Modern Approaches to Networking: Webinar

All relationships worth having need to be nurtured, developed and leveraged. This is why networking is an important key skill.

Innovation in Family Law Firms: Webinar

Family law is intensely personal, often stressful, and sometimes fractious especially when the definition of “family” means different things to different people.

Innovation in Personal Injury Law Firms: Webinar

Innovation around people, processes, technology and finance is impacting the Canadian legal sector and extending into the personal injury space.

When Sales Becomes Value

The transition from enabling sales to providing value requires that you stop being a hunter, and instead, think and act like a farmer.

Welcome Your Ambassadors

Your people are your ambassadors. Every last one of them can and will directly influence if and how clients interact with your law firm or legal services entity.

Digital Legal Marketing: Webinar

Digital legal marketing has never been more critical than in the last couple of years, and will grow in importance over time.

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