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Our Future is Forward

As we look forward to 2021, my top 10 think pieces from 2020.

Thank you for taking an interest in my work, thoughts and analyses over a year that has been tremendously challenging for all of us.

My top 10 think pieces from 2020 include opinion columns, blog posts, a podcast, and a video. My warm and sincere thanks to Steven Pulver, host of The Legal Innovation Talks Podcast and Romesh Hettiarachchi, founder of The Lawtrepreneur Digital Summit for inviting me to join them in conversation.

These offerings pertain to the continuing evolution of legal markets, and marketing and business development. They appear in chronological order and run parallel to the narrative arc of the pandemic story. I hope these insights were as thought-provoking to you then as they may be now and in the future.

Ironically, the first two — The Next Decade of Legal Services: Parts 1 and 2 from January and February respectively — are as true now as they were then. Perhaps this is why Part 2 in particular was my most downloaded column of the year by a landside.

I believe the past teaches and the future inspires. So, it’s my hope that a column to be published early next year, Being Superhuman, will be a positive inspiration to start 2021.

Until then, I wish you a healthy holiday season, and a bright and happy year ahead.

Top 10 of 2020

The Next Decade of Legal Services — Part 1 — Embracing Law Market Change: Four ‘first principles’ of change to expect in the coming decade.

The Next Decade of Legal Services — Part 2 — Managing Law Market Change: To remain relevant and solvent, we must quit admiring problems and instead tackle and fix them.

Legal Marketing Now: Helping people is the greatest act of legal marketing you will ever do.

Legal Market Rebirth: Now is when legal service providers must embrace how business works and align accordingly.

Restructuring Legal Markets: Brace Yourself: Global response to COVID-19 proves false the notion that change is slow. When push comes to shove, restructuring happens fast.

Changing Go-to-Market Strategy Podcast: Discussing go-to-market strategy for law firms and legal professionals during the current pandemic and fast-changing future.

Thriving in the Legal Market Now Video: While the legal market has been evolving at an accelerating pace, response to the pandemic proves that innovation happens easily and with speed.

Delivering Value Matters More Now: How ‘surprise and delight’ boosts your brand and bottom line.

Wooing Clients: From The Globe and Mail: From surf lessons to virtual chocolate making, law firms get creative to woo clients.

Positioning in the Legal Market Now: A customized combination of four key components enables a law firm, legal services company or individual lawyer to position as one-of-one rather than one-of-many.

Heather Suttie is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading authorities on legal market strategy and management of legal services firms.

For 25 years, she has advised leaders of premier law firms and legal service providers worldwide — Global to Solo | BigLaw to NewLaw — on innovative strategies pertaining to business, markets, management, and clients.

The result is accelerated performance achieved through a distinctive one of one legal market position and sustained competitive advantage leading to greater market share, revenue, and profits.

The effect is accomplishment of the prime objective — To Win.

Reach her at +1.416.964.9607 or

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