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Webinars & Podcasts

Future-Proofing Your Marketing Function

I am presenting on Strategy Development pertaining to business, markets, management, and clients in the global legal services sector.

Innovative Strategies for Legal Business and Practice Management

I am chairing two webinars this spring that focus on innovative strategies for legal business and practice management.

Succession Planning in Law Firms: Webinar

Smart succession planning solidifies client relationships and business continuity within savvy law firm environments.

Chasing Better Conversations: Podcast

Mastering the art of conversation nurtures client relationships. A sprawling conversation ranging from heartfelt to a romp doesn’t begin to describe my colourful chat with¬†Eric Fletcher on his Chasing Better Conversations podcast.

Estates Law: Webinar

Estates law firms must evolve their business strategies in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Mastering Transformation: Webinar

Law firms and legal departments are mastering transformation in response to changing market conditions. Transformations pertain to services provided, organizational structure, and operating more cost-efficiently.

Collaboration is the New Innovation: Webinar

The drive for legal practitioners to have an effective collaboration strategy in place is key to maintaining an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Modern Approaches to Networking: Webinar

All relationships worth having need to be nurtured, developed and leveraged. This is why networking is an important key skill.

Innovation in Family Law Firms: Webinar

Family law is intensely personal, often stressful, and sometimes fractious especially when the definition of “family” means different things to different people.

Innovation in Personal Injury Law Firms: Webinar

Innovation around people, processes, technology and finance is impacting the Canadian legal sector and extending into the personal injury space.

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