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Selling Law as a Commodity

Professional sector feeling squeeze to cut costs. By Daryl-Lynn Carlson, Law Times, November 2007 Everything from court backlogs to choosier clients are forcing many law firms to seek means to reduce costs….

Going Solo

Establishing a new client base for sole practitioners. By Daryl-Lynn Carlson, Canadian Lawyer 4 Students, April 2007 Likely there’s no lawyer in the country who hasn’t daydreamed about going solo; the freedom,…

Time to Ditch the Old Practice Groups?

Developing industry practices signals clients that you have the inside know-how to get work done. Traditionally, law firms have organized themselves along the lines of practice groups, such as corporate/commercial, litigation, intellectual…

Dare to be Different

Legal service providers that dare to be different realize profitability far beyond their expectations. While a dare implies risk and bravery, daring to be different is not as intimidating as you might…

Definitions of Business Development, Marketing and Sales

The terms “business development” and “marketing” are often confused with sales. Discover the difference and how they connect. “Business development” and “marketing” are buzzwords in many industries, including professional services. Since the…

25 Questions – A Client/Law Firm Checklist

This questionnaire will provide the full scope of a client’s immediate and future legal needs, and help determine if and how providing legal services to a client is strategic to your firm….

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