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A Brave New World — AI and Legal Service

Strategy, niche, value, and authenticity are the four pillars of legal business excellence. Only you can do this. AI can’t, at least not yet.

One and Only

The winning strategy of being one of one drives value and growth. Be distinct. Stop competing. Own your market. These are the hallmarks of smart and sustainable business.

Ditch The Billable Hour!

Ditch The Billable Hour! explores why and how lawyers and law firms need to shift from time-based billing to value-based pricing. This new book contains advice and how-to’s from influential legal market experts, including me.

The Value Conversation

Legal services clients will define value during a conversation, but what they value is often not what you think it is.

When Sales Becomes Value

The transition from enabling sales to providing value requires that you stop being a hunter, and instead, think and act like a farmer.

Data Matters for Legal Market Growth

Data is key to solid returns and commercial results. Otherwise, you’re gambling.

Legal Market Positioning is Key to Building Back Strong

While the pandemic’s first year slammed the world for the worst, it upended the legal services market for the better.

Being Superhuman

How character, trust and faith win hearts, minds and legal market share.

Delivering Value Matters More Now

How ‘surprise and delight’ boosts your brand and bottom line.

Commoditizing Legal Services

When many law firms are as fungible as peanut butter, savvy productization and exemplary service are differentiators.

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