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Strategy Development

The Folly of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an oxymoron predisposed to failure. However, strategy development supports your primary objective: to win.

Depressurizing Strategies to Survive the Fourth Quarter

Legal service is a business. Run it that way. For most law firms, September signals a kickoff for the rest of the business year.

Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 1 – Valuing Time

In Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 1 – Valuing Time, I discuss time versus compensation, cost to re-staff, and why throwing money at a problem never works long term.

Recreating the Legal Ecosystem

This is the year when legal service providers with moxie will take huge steps to advance their market position by investing in clients and themselves. Those who are timid will sit on their hands and lose ground to the competition.

Legal Market Rebirth

Now is when legal service providers must embrace how business works and align accordingly.

The Next Decade of Legal Services — Part 1 — Embracing Law Market Change

If you think the legal services industry has evolved radically in the past decade, get a grip. The next decade will be turbocharged with change.

The Next Decade of Legal Services — Part 2 — Managing Law Market Change

To remain relevant and solvent, we must quit admiring problems, and instead tackle and fix them.

No ‘Alternatives’ Anymore

Global legal services demand continuous transformation and collaboration, not divisiveness.

Less Than Attractive

The upshot of a hollowing out of people and profits in legal services.

What’s Your Plan?

Planning is critical for any business, but especially important for lawyers caught in the push and pull of economic tides.

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