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Ditch The Billable Hour!

Ditch The Billable Hour! explores why and how lawyers and law firms need to shift from time-based billing to value-based pricing. This new book contains advice and how-to’s from influential legal market experts, including me.

Commoditizing Legal Services

When many law firms are as fungible as peanut butter, savvy productization and exemplary service are differentiators.

Big Four’s Big Bite

The Big Four’s advancement into legal services will result in blood in the water for territorial law firms.

Legal Markets and Marketing: 10 Trends to Watch and Watch Out For in 2019

10 Trends to Watch and Watch Out For in 2019.

Corporate Counsel Says Get Innovative, Get Different

Corporate counsel want service providers to get innovative and different.

How Corporate Counsel Buys Legal Services

Corporate counsel call the shots when buying legal services.

25 Secrets to Success with Alternative Fee Arrangements

LegalTrek has released its latest eBook, 25 Secrets to Success with Alternative Fee Arrangements.

Procurement: Part 3 — Performance Measurement and Best Practices

Procurement is as much about process as it is about results. And while cost control is an important factor, relationships are every bit as vital.

Procurement: Part 2 — Pricing

Pricing is a major factor in the procurement process that enables clients and firms to find mutual advantages by concentrating focus and finding efficiencies.

Procurement: Part 1 — Evaluation and Process

Procurement has become a determining force and deciding factor with respect to which law firms get the work.

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