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Market Positioning

Suttie. Legal Market Strategy and Management Consulting

I have repositioned my practice to Legal Market Strategy and Management Consulting, and rebranded as Suttie. — bold with a period because I know who I am.

Digital Legal Marketing: Webinar

Digital legal marketing has never been more critical than in the last couple of years, and will grow in importance over time.

Legal Market Positioning is Key to Building Back Strong

While the pandemic’s first year slammed the world for the worst, it upended the legal services market for the better.

Positioning in the Legal Market Now

A customized combination of four key components enables a firm, company or individual to position as one of one rather than one of many.

Legal Markets and Marketing – Coffee Chats

What Next? Legal Markets and Marketing – Now and Future.

Changing Go-to-Market Strategy: Podcast

It’s my great pleasure to join Steven Pulver for a lively, honest and fully transparent* conversation on The Legal Innovation Talks Podcast.

The Next Decade of Legal Services — Part 2 — Managing Law Market Change

To remain relevant and solvent, we must quit admiring problems, and instead tackle and fix them.

Big Four’s Next Big Bite

Blood is in the water as professional services firms eat into global legal markets. What can law firms do about it?

The Value of Legal Market Positioning

Definitive legal market positioning leads to an authoritative brand.

Lawyers, Lemons and Lemmings

Differentiation creates value proposition in legal markets.

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