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Management Strategy

Law Firm Failures — The New Normal?

“Legal service is a business; run it that way” has been my mantra forever. It’s fair warning to take care of your law firm’s business or find yourself out of it.  

Innovative Strategies for Legal Business and Practice Management

I am chairing two webinars this spring that focus on innovative strategies for legal business and practice management.

One and Only

The winning strategy of being one of one drives value and growth. Be distinct. Stop competing. Own your market. These are the hallmarks of smart and sustainable business.

2023 Review — 2024 Preview

My 2023 review is a collection of legal market strategy think pieces, commentaries, interviews and webinars, and a preview for 2024.

Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 1 – Valuing Time

In Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 1 – Valuing Time, I discuss time versus compensation, cost to re-staff, and why throwing money at a problem never works long term.

Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 2 – Valuing People

In Legal Talent Rebalancing – Part 2 – Valuing People, I examine burnout, outsourcing, succession planning, and how rebalancing work production between internal and external experts is a future-proof market strategy.

Welcome Your Ambassadors

Your people are your ambassadors. Every last one of them can and will directly influence if and how clients interact with your law firm or legal services entity.

Glance Back, Focus Forward

My 2021 year-ender casts a quick glance back, but much more importantly focuses forward to a vibrant future.

The Hybrid Legal Services Team

Collaboration leads to efficiency and a pooling of talent that results in greater commercial value.

Managing the Client Connection Challenge

Good client management works hand-in-glove with cultivating a vibrant practice – and requires diligent execution on savvy business development techniques.

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