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Estates Law: Webinar

Estates law firms must evolve their business strategies in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Mastering Transformation: Webinar

Law firms and legal departments are mastering transformation in response to changing market conditions. Transformations pertain to services provided, organizational structure, and operating more cost-efficiently.

Collaboration is the New Innovation: Webinar

The drive for legal practitioners to have an effective collaboration strategy in place is key to maintaining an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Innovation in Family Law Firms: Webinar

Family law is intensely personal, often stressful, and sometimes fractious especially when the definition of “family” means different things to different people.

Innovation in Personal Injury Law Firms: Webinar

Innovation around people, processes, technology and finance is impacting the Canadian legal sector and extending into the personal injury space.

Our Future is Forward

As we look forward to 2021, my top 10 think pieces from 2020.

Legal Innovation at Fireside 2019

I was a guest at this year’s first-ever Legal Innovation Summit, which was part of the Fireside 2019 conference. The experience was extraordinary.

Driving Innovation

Technology aimed at lawyers continues to change the way law is practised
as those with deep subject-matter expertise recognize there’s a better way to service clients.

No ‘Alternatives’ Anymore

Global legal services demand continuous transformation and collaboration, not divisiveness.

Embrace the Rebels

Law firms risk market erosion by ignoring the audacious in their ranks.

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