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Client Retention

Chasing Better Conversations: Podcast

Mastering the art of conversation nurtures client relationships. A sprawling conversation ranging from heartfelt to a romp doesn’t begin to describe my colourful chat with Eric Fletcher on his Chasing Better Conversations podcast.

The Value Conversation

Legal services clients will define value during a conversation, but what they value is often not what you think it is.

Collaboration is the New Innovation: Webinar

The drive for legal practitioners to have an effective collaboration strategy in place is key to maintaining an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Modern Approaches to Networking: Webinar

All relationships worth having need to be nurtured, developed and leveraged. This is why networking is an important key skill.

Welcome Your Ambassadors

Your people are your ambassadors. Every last one of them can and will directly influence if and how clients interact with your law firm or legal services entity.

Managing the Client Connection Challenge

Good client management works hand-in-glove with cultivating a vibrant practice – and requires diligent execution on savvy business development techniques.

Being Superhuman

How character, trust and faith win hearts, minds and legal market share.

Delivering Value Matters More Now

How ‘surprise and delight’ boosts your brand and bottom line.

Clients Don’t Care

Client care is comprised of genuine concern, smart solutions, excellent work, and sterling service.

Fighting for Law Firm Dollars

Outsourcing some of the old “full service” model allows marketing departments to work within shrinking budgets.

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