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Change Management

The Value of Creativity and Imagineering to Legal Business Strategy

Creativity and imagineering are a powerhouse combination elevating a legal service business into another stratosphere.

Depressurizing Strategies to Survive the Fourth Quarter

Legal service is a business. Run it that way. For most law firms, September signals a kickoff for the rest of the business year.

Smart Strategy: Rethink, Restructure and Retool

If you didn’t rethink, restructure and retool during the past few years, brace yourself. You’re in for a bumpy ride.

Mastering Transformation: Webinar

Law firms and legal departments are mastering transformation in response to changing market conditions. Transformations pertain to services provided, organizational structure, and operating more cost-efficiently.

Legal Market Rebirth

Now is when legal service providers must embrace how business works and align accordingly.

The Next Decade of Legal Services — Part 1 — Embracing Law Market Change

If you think the legal services industry has evolved radically in the past decade, get a grip. The next decade will be turbocharged with change.

The Next Decade of Legal Services — Part 2 — Managing Law Market Change

To remain relevant and solvent, we must quit admiring problems, and instead tackle and fix them.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

A first-person account of healing, restructuring and re-engineering a career – more than once.

Embrace the Rebels

Law firms risk market erosion by ignoring the audacious in their ranks.

Kick Kicking it Old-School

“Kicking it old-school” means doing things the traditional way.

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