• Legal Marketing On A Budget
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    Legal Marketing On A Budget

    Legal marketing on a budget can be a challenge. So when LexisNexis launched the highly successful Lexis Practice Advisor℠ Canada (LPAC) in Spring 2014, I felt privileged to contribute thoughts on budget-savvy legal marketing tactics. LPAC provides tools and guidance for transactional matters in an easy-to-use online format as a resource geared primarily ...

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  • Bios That Mean Business
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    Bios That Mean Business

    It’s probably fair to say that most lawyer bios are not the scintillating stuff of best-sellers or such hot reads that they’re in danger of setting the world on fire. Most are so boring they’ll put you to sleep. While your bio is about you, it must appeal to people you want to attract. After all, the point of having a bio is to entice someone to be...

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  • Brand Advertising Done Right
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    Brand Advertising Done Right

    Advertising is expensive but boosts your profile fast. Done right, advertising can be foundational for building your brand even though return on investment can sometimes be tough to measure. Basically, there are only a few kinds of ads and each is quite different from the other. Teaser advertising is promissory and designed to provoke an emotional response...

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