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  • Party On!
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    Party On!

    The annual weeklong International Trademark Association meeting is drawing to a close. This year, INTA was held in San Diego. Having had various levels of involvement over the years with clients attending INTA, I can confirm that while these meetings have a business factor, the real focus is on parties. Parties are a big deal. And at INTA, they can be a hu...

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  • Put a Pin in it
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    Put a Pin in it

    Twice in as many weeks, I have either read or been advised to “put a pin in it.” This peculiar instruction first came in written form from a lawyer who, after using this expression, explained that it meant “postpone” as in putting a pin back into a hand grenade to keep it from detonating. The other reference was literal. An esthetician who, upon provid...

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  • Bios That Mean Business
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    Bios That Mean Business

    It’s probably fair to say that most lawyer bios are not the scintillating stuff of best-sellers or such hot reads that they’re in danger of setting the world on fire. Most are so boring they’ll put you to sleep. While your bio is about you, it must appeal to people you want to attract. After all, the point of having a bio is to entice someone to be...

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