My consulting philosophy is that it is better for a client to reach their own conclusions about legal marketing and business development objectives, guided by my experience and input.

Clients recognize that I am passionate about my work, and derive satisfaction from helping them achieve profitable and measurable legal marketing and business development results.

My clients range from global firms to solo lawyers, and I enjoy their unique traits, challenges, and perspectives. As a result, I don’t do “filler” work since time is best spent connecting with like minds, and developing meaningful relationships that matter to a client and myself. I’ve written and presented extensively on this topic, counsel clients accordingly, and follow my own advice.

Working alongside clients in teamwork fashion, I help to:

  • Spark progressive thinking to generate new and creative ideas.
  • Provide tightly customized marketing and business development tactics unique to each client.
  • Explore pros, cons, risks, and costs of our options.
  • Suggest various forms of information collection and analysis.
  • Decide on a sensible, customized and sustainable course of action.
  • Develop and execute the work plan to achieve measurable results.

Working Style

Clients say I deliver caring and excellent service, and make a meaningful and valuable contribution to their success.

I strive to foster an open and enjoyable relationship with my clients. In return, I ask for prompt notice if changes are required in scope or if there are concerns or questions regarding my services as this provides an opportunity to clarify objectives.

Working Structure

  • Flexible fee structures: hourly rates, retainers, project-based arrangements, etc.
  • Project reports with observations and recommendations offered when appropriate on areas outside of scope.
  • Client confidentiality: client business is kept strictly confidential before, during and after an engagement.

My Practice

Law firms, legal service providers, and individual lawyers have historically represented 100% of my professional consulting time.

While I am based in Toronto, my clients are located throughout Canada and around the world.

To learn more, please contact me

Phone: 416.964.9607