All relationships, whether business or personal, need to be nurtured to grow.

Training and coaching helps to nurture current client relationships and increase opportunities within a prospective client pool.

Training and coaching is undertaken only in select circumstances and as limited engagements with senior lawyers or teams making a strategic transition to new markets, services or practices.

Training may include:

  • Developing or recasting a personal brand.
  • Creating a manageable short-list of attainable prospective clients.
  • Identifying marketing activities specific to new client targets.
  • Business development goal-setting that is achievable.
  • Developing a client team program.


Coaching is usually structured around business development leadership skills, a select market, service or practice, key clients, transitioning clients, and succession planning.

It is conducted as a secure and private conversation to explore issues, probe concerns, determine key revenue streams, clarify strengths, identify next steps, and develop constructive plans leading to targeted leadership or personal goals.