Adopting a Go/No Go strategy and providing customized support material for proposals and pitches helps win suitable new business.

Careful consideration should apply to whether all, most, some or none of the proposed client’s legal work aligns with your core strengths.

Adopting a Go/No Go strategy, which is derived from engineering testing that refers to a pass/fail principle can be a helpful application when considering if a response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) is in the best interest of both the client and the respondent.

The Go/No Go decision should be based on the law firm or legal service providers’s core strengths, growth strategy and ability to provide excellent work results rather than basing a decision purely on money. In the case of a Go decision, choices will need to be made pertaining to the selection of pieces of work for which the respondent will compete as well as considerations regarding pricing and legal project management.

Customized templates enable responses to be tailored exactly to a client’s needs by way of a checklist of modules that offer flexibility, speed and ease of modification. This custom response may include drafting, editing and design of sophisticated proposals, pitches and presentations that are tightly tailored to address a client’s needs while solidifying a respondent’s brand.