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  • Extinction or Evolution — Pass on Processes
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    Extinction or Evolution — Pass on Processes

    There are notions that business processes considered state-of-the-art almost 30 years ago, such as Six Sigma (1986) and Lean Management (1988) along with project management, which has been around since the earth cooled and deemed “modern” in 1950, might help jump-start law firms into this century and maybe even take them into the future. This thinking se...

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  • Adopting a Sales Mentality
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    Adopting a Sales Mentality

    Most law firms are late in adopting a sales mentality and need to get on with it fast. Other professional disciplines, such as accounting and consulting adopted a sales culture over 20 years ago using various processes and training methods developed through engineering and designed as manufacturing solutions from supply chain management to just-in-time de...

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  • Welcome to Our New World and My Blog
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    Welcome to Our New World and My Blog

    Right now, the legal market is undergoing universal change. So am I. Being something of a shoemaker’s child,  it’s taken me a while to launch my revamped site. However, here it is along with my blog.  My blog posts will be short. This is because hardly anyone reads; instead, they scan. I’ll attempt to include best practice tips, observations, opinions...

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