Legal Marketing & Business Development Consulting

Proven results helping lawyers increase brand recognition, market share, revenues and profits.

Connecting Dots

Connecting dots within the rapidly evolving legal industry requires insight to see patterns early and solve puzzles with speed.

Specializing solely in legal marketing and business development, I have helped lawyers win more than $720 million in new business since 2001. I work with lawyers, law firms and legal service providers — Global to Solo — BigLaw to NewLaw — helping them connect the dots to:

• Acquire more clients by identifying new business opportunities.

• Deepen relationships with current clients by expanding business and cross-selling connections.

Increase profitability by shortening the sales cycle and boosting win-rates.

Gain greater market share, build firm, service and individual profiles, and leverage client relationships.

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  • Big Four’s Next Big Bite

    Big Four’s Next Big Bite

    Blood is in the water as professional services firms eat into global legal markets. What can law firms do about it?  by Heather Suttie, Canadian Lawyer, July 2019 While traditional law firms may believe that technology and non-traditional legal companies are the biggest competitive threats, none – not even all of the world’s legal technology […]

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  • Legal Gets a Mulligan

    Legal Gets a Mulligan

     A chance to do-over a now expected legal service approach  by Heather Suttie, Canadian Lawyer, May 2019; reprinted in The Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms, May 2019 Travel time between Atlanta and Augusta is only a couple of hours, but during the second week of April 2019 when the Legal Marketing Association’s international conference and the […]

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  • The Value of Legal Market Positioning

    The Value of Legal Market Positioning

    Definitive legal market positioning leads to an authoritative brand. by Heather Suttie, Canadian Lawyer, March 2019; reprinted in The Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms, March 2019 and The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) newsletter, May 2019 Being everything to everyone means you’re nothing to no one. This is why your legal market position is critical to surviving while […]

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