Legal Marketing & Business Development Consulting

Proven results helping lawyers increase brand recognition, market share, revenues and profits.

Connecting Dots

Connecting dots within the rapidly evolving legal industry requires insight to see patterns early and solve puzzles with speed.

I offer an independent mind and customized solutions to audacious lawyers who want change.

Specializing solely in legal marketing and business development, I have helped lawyers win more than $720 million in new business since 2001. I work with a wide range of law firms and legal service providers — BigLaw to NewLaw — Global, National, Mid-size and Boutique — helping them connect the dots to:

• Acquire more clients by identifying new business opportunities.

• Deepen relationships with current clients by expanding business and cross-selling connections.

Increase profitability by shortening the sales cycle and boosting win-rates.

Gain greater market share, build firm, service and individual profiles, and leverage client relationships.

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  • Embrace the Rebels

    Embrace the Rebels

    Law firms risk market erosion by ignoring the audacious in their ranks  By Heather Suttie, Lexpert, September 2017 A philosophy exam (likely mythical) is said to have posed a one-word question: “Why?” While one answer might be “Because,” any rebel worth their salt will respond “Why not?” “Why not?” isn’t intended to be an argumentative retort; […]

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  • Why Innovation Remains Elusive

    Why Innovation Remains Elusive

    Law firms must become receptive to change in order to effect it By Heather Suttie, Lexpert, June 2017; reprinted in The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) newsletter, October 2017 Innovation has become a buzzword that has lost its meaning. At its core, innovation is a desire to be new and different. That desire leads to breakthrough thinking […]

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  • Fighting for Law Firm Dollars

    Fighting for Law Firm Dollars

    Outsourcing some of the old “full service” model allows marketing departments to work within shrinking budgets By Heather Suttie, Lexpert, March 2017; reprinted in The Law Office Management Association (TLOMA) newsletter, April 2017 Continuing pressure for value and intense focus on profit is resulting in tightened controls and reduction of law firm spending. Some firms continue […]

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